Puppet Masters

Puppet Masters

Puppet Masters
Nathyn Nyce is the head producer for Puppet Masters. They have captured the public”s attention with his musical talent in sound engineering, recording, and beat production. Nathan evolved into the music art field when he was a young boy at seven years old. When he turned eleven, he wrote his first rap song to Jay Z ‘s Can’t knock the Hustle. N8 Ny$e was inspired by his big bother Willie J. Farrow III known as Agent B1.
Nathyn Nyce stays focused on making music that targets his fan base and over all audience. He believes in staying true to the game and not over stepping his boundaries. He plays his position just like everyone else. Nathyn Nyce is trying to find his way in the game, while dodging the BS people that show every day. The fakers dont want to see real talent succeed but yet they want to be a part of the movement. Nathyn Nyce states that he and his team are here to stay and he is going to continue being who he is. Today Nathyn can be found working with the most talented recording artists in the game showcasing his his music production – the sky is the limit.

Gomfu Entertainment

May 31st, 2014

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