GOMFU Exclusive Lease


The GOMFU exclusive license option enables the purchaser of the beat to have exclusive access to this instrumental track. This means that after purchase, the instrumental will be removed from the site and you will have the exclusive rights to use this track in your works. Specifically when purchasing a beat with this option you will receive the following:
  • - 1 Wav file with no tags
  • - Tracked out instrumental files in Wav format
  • - The ability to release and distribute unlimited recordings with this track for profit (album or single) or non profit (mixtape, youtube, etc) use

Although you have exclusive rights to use this track, production credit must be given to the producer and/or GOMFU Entertainment.  This license does not give you, the purchaser, publishing rights over the purchased music production.  Publishing credit must be given to the producer on all released material and you will not have the right to pursue synchronization licenses for works involving this material.  This license does give you the right for unlimited performances of this song for profit.

Please contact info@gomfu.com for more details on all exclusive agreements.


Please Note:

For exclusive rights purchases there is an up to 48 hour turn around time for receipt of files.