Johnny Good Time

Johnny Good Time

Johnny Good Time is an American born music producer, growing up in Clovis, CA a suburb of Fresno. His parents raised him to be a polite and respectful individual who is often more concerned with others well being than his own. His number one goal as a musician and entertainer is to make sure everyone around him has a good time! JGT currently pays his bills working in the restaurant/bar scene as a manager and bartender but eventually wants to shift his focus solely to music. He knows how to host a party, entertain to the fullest, and ensures that everyone always has a great night! JGT also attends Fresno State University where he is working on a degree in Business. Although many people hear the music, not everyone understands the corporate world of the music industry that exists behind the scenes. Having a business degree will help push him towards his dreams of one day running his own production company. Johnny Good Time is currently affiliated with GOMFU Entertainment and has put his focus building and expanding their electronic dance music (EDM) division.

Gomfu Entertainment

May 31st, 2014

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