GOMFU Mixing Services


Mixing includes combining ("mixing") the different sonic elements of a piece of recorded music vocals, instruments, and effects into a final version of a song, also known as a "final mix" or a "mix-down".
Gomfu Entertainment mixes the elements of a recorded piece together to achieve a good balance of volume, while at the same time deciding other properties such as pan positioning, effects, and so on.
Gomfu Entertainment has many years of experience and training with audio software and equipment, which has enabled us to master the craft. We user our skills by assessing the harmonic structure of sound to enable us to fashion highly appealing tone quality . Our work can be found in all of Gomfu music and many other recording artists.
Gomfu Entertainment balances the relative volume and frequency content of a number sources. Our Mixing Engineers are formally trained in a music background with a degree in audio engineering and/or recording engineering. However, most of our experience comes from years of experience, with a hands-on approach of actually operating complex audio equipment. Our mixing ear is defined as years of observing all kinds of sounds, frequencies, and variations of effects and filters, through the process of trial and error.



  • $50 for 1 Song (72 hours)

  • $200 for 5 Songs (1 Week)

  • $300 for 10 Songs (2 Weeks)