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PhLi Cargo aka Anthony Love was born December 21 on the south side of Chicago. PhLi Cargo is the most organic artist in the game today and his goal is to NOT put out fake music or represent anyone or anything fake for that matter. His plan is to bring the South Side of Chicago to life. Renegade!


PhLi Cargo states, “ I don’t give a fuck! I’ve been doing shows since high school, but the industry wasn’t fucking with me back then. He continues,

“ All of my niggas was down with me but the mainstream didn’t fuck with me. I only cared about what my niggas thought about me vs. the industry. Real recognize renegade”


First and foremost PhLi feels like he’s the best in the game right now, with “smoking” hot music ready for release Spring 2016. If you got ears, his sound will definitely catch your attention. He wants his music to speak to those who know what its like to struggle and hustle. There’s a hood everywhere, there’s a struggle everywhere. His music definitely speaks to the less fortunate, the underdog and real niggas out there putting it down.


PhLi Cargo explains “ fake shit come through without being checked.” He continues, “ I fucks with some of that shit, but a lot of that shit is fake and people are not really representing who they really are. A lot of Fugazee shit. I’m too down to let people come up on me.”


The whole driving force for PhLi is his family and everybody who has been down since day one. He’s holding them down always and his happiness definitely comes from the fact that he’s putting it down for his people, fans and his city.


The message he brings to the table is very simple…” every story is important. If you had problems, you’ll get it. If you never had problems, maybe it’s not for you. “ He’s on some renegade shit. Stay Tuned for the new album.

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February 14th, 2016

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