GOMFU Mastering Services


GOMFU Entertainment Mastering engineers are skilled in the practice of taking musical content that has been previously mixed and preparing it for use in physical or digital distribution.
GOMFU Entertainment understands that this is your final edit of a product and preparation for digital distribution and/or manufacturing physical copies of your work. We have complete knowledge of audio engineering and our engineers have many years of experience and degrees. Our producers and engineers all possess arrangement and production skills, which allows them to improve the final sound. Typically, good mastering skills are based on experience which can be the result of many years of practice.
GOMFU Entertainment uses special audio signal chain equipment to process audio. Our equipment & software used in mastering is almost entirely dedicated to this goal. Our process includes plug-ins that are capable of handling processes without signal degradation. As well, we feel that its not only on what you hear, but its also what you see. Through the guidance of particular analyzers and peak meters, our process is taken to an unprecedented level of precision and maximum sonic delivery.



  • $50 for 1 Song (72 hours)

  • $200 for 5 Songs (1 Week)

  • $300 for 10 Songs (2 Weeks)